This 2015-2017 agenda for Decentralised Cooperation Romania Belgium is a plan for action for decentralised cooperation between Romania and Belgium. Partners will do efforts to implement this agenda. The purpose of the 2015-2017 agenda is to strengthen, to reinforce, to renew and to deepen the dialogue between (existing) decentralized cooperation initiatives.

Flagship 1: Health Care

  • Social map including health risk factors.
  • Installing local renting services revalidation materials.
  • 1 assistant (nurse)/1.000 inhabitants.
  • Developing home care and community nurses.
  • Recommunicate collected data on health indicators to local  actors in order to take measurements.
  • Health and healthcare as a key point in local policy.
  • Develop a local health policy plan with a label for a healthy commune
  • Combining medical and social (if medical problem, mostly also social problem).
  • Prevention and health promotion.
  • Staffing caretakers: digital / administrative / …
  • Masterplan TON 2015-2024.
  • Conference on Romanian health and healthcare in 2016.

Flagship 2: Twinning 2.0

  • Formal meeting between VVSG, UCVW, AMR, AOR, Acor, UNCJR, Belgian provinces in 2016
  • Development of a new approach towards twinning between actors. Based on common needs (f.ex. industry)
  • Parliamentary group of friendship Romania Belgium: new initiatives
  • Exchange between local and regional public servants from both countries
  • Looking for twinning initiative with County Council Iasi
  • Follow-up of Spring meeting Flanders Romania about the new cooperation agreement

Flagship 3: Rural Development

  • Facilitating the communication towards local farmers about possible European funding
  • Connecting Local Action Groups from both countries
  • Developement of models and instruments to set up local/interlocal agriculture organizations
  • Water4Life as pilot project
  • Sensibilization about waste management

Flagship 4: Civil Society

  • Development of working methods and instruments
  • Integrating new forms of organisations (formal, informal, flexible, temporary)
  • Pathways from local movements towards local policy influencing
  • Setting up a solidarity action for the victims of the fire in Bucharest

Flagship 5: Fire Brigades

  • Commitment to write an Erasmus+ project in order to exchange information, knowledge and experience. Basic idea is to develop a “train the trainer” project.

Flagship 6: Social Economy

  • Connecting the research of university Cluj about labour market / human ressources and ReInvest project about social investments
  • Creation of a Platform Social Economy Romania – Belgium in order to exchange information and to develop policy briefings

Flagship 7: Business

  • Creation of a digital meeting point between BE-RO companies and BE-RO civil society organizations in order to connect competences and skills between both domains

Flagship 8: Culture and heritage

  • Promotion of publication 175 years diplomatic relations between Belgium and Romania
  • Based on this publication, development of accessible general public events